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How versatile can be a card game? This beautiful highly aesthetic yet logical FREE card game of FreeCell Solitaire will certainly impress you. It is fully mobile and have portable and can be run on any Android and iOS devices. You can securely download it form Google Play or App store and then enjoy uninterrupted gaming experience. We don't support third-party ads, so you can forget all the worries concerning hidden traffic or annoying ads. FreeCell Solitaire is rather difficult game, which requires certain gaming skills and oriented towards experience card game players. Therefore we have supported it with detailed starter tutorial, so you if you are a beginner, you can practice your skills playing versus intelligent computer different FreeCell tutorials.

FreeCell Solitaire game objective is to place all of the cards in the tableau piles to 4 foundation piles. The cards should be combined in ascending piles of the same suit, when placing them to foundation, from Ace through King. In total there are 52 cards standard card deck used in the game, and at the start of the game they all are laying in the tableau in 8 piles. First 8 piles are comprised of 7 cards and the other 4 piles have 6 cards in each pile. While playing you can move cards in the tableau around and place cards of lower rank on top of the higher rank cards, keeping alternating colors. You also can use free cell piles to move cards there, which you cannot locate anywhere. When you place all the cards to the foundations, the game is over and you won.

During the game the time is always on, so the number of moves you do. This is especially important when playing with the opponents. Here in FreeCell Solitaire we offer you different game modes, you can play with computer or compete with other players. Overall there are 6 game modes, starting from "1 on 1" game mode and up to league tournaments. In every game mode you can play with different amounts of bets, when you play tournaments you are matched with the players of your XP level and can participate in games with different prize pools, starting from the beginner level and up to expert one.

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